Top cloud computing companies 2012

Which are the top cloud computing companies of the year? This is something we’re all interested in since we know there is a great fight going on between these giants. Whether we’re in need of the cloud as individuals or companies, we need to know about the latest news! I’m now going to present the top 5 cloud computing companies of the year 2013, listed in alphabetical order.

Amazon Web Services with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud called Amazon EC2

The Amazon-provided cloud computing system is full of benefits and great functionality. They offer a unique scalability which you can take control of, using a smaller or larger part of the cloud’s power as your needs ask for it. You can easily choose which operating system to use, what amount of memory and this entire system is compatible with other Amazon Web Services as well.

Getting started doesn’t take a long time and it won’t cause any headaches. If you think their services are expensive, you are wrong. So what would we need other than Amazon? Reliability, flexibility, low prices and easy control of every step and usage of the cloud-based system is what makes it perfect!

Dell cloud computing

Next in the list of the best cloud computing companies in 2013 is Dell. Maybe some of you are surprised to see Dell on this list. But it’s true! Dell now engaged into providing professional cloud services with management for all types of cloud-based systems: private clouds, hybrid clouds and public clouds as well. They promise to run these systems on Intel Xeon processors, which are really fast and reliable! Dell also offers scalability in order to meet the requirements of any client and provide all the client needs. Since it’s scalable, you can choose to have more or less at any time!

Google with Google App Engine, Google Apps, Google Drive and all others

Google couldn’t miss from the 2013 best cloud computing companies. Another fascinating example of how to build and maintain a prosper company which can handle various challenges and tasks and stay good with all of them. Most of us are familiar with Google Apps, especially with creating our documents, tables and presentations online with the respective Google online applications easily reachable through almost any computer or device that is able to run a web browser and connect to the internet.

Google Drive comes as a professional solution in cloud storage. So yeah, Google is also a great option as a cloud storage provider, you can count on that! The Google App Engine offers you to store your websites, web applications on the Google storage space. Even more, it is free up until a certain point, which is a great offer for such a service.


Even if companies like Rackspace may have a “smaller” name than Google does it doesn’t mean that they are any lower when it comes to cloud computing services. What they offer is a powerful cloud-based system running on their own dedicated servers, scalable and affordable. Their customer support is outstanding, you can engage into live chat any day at any time with their customer support staff!

If we talk about cloud hosting, it’s Rackspace. They have learned to value their customers, they are entirely focused on what their customers need. They have the Fanatical Support for their customers. Fanatical Support is really helpful to everyone. Other than the great support, they offer managed hosting, hybrid hosting and monitoring, load balancing and, of course, storage.

VMWare cloud computing solutions

WMWare provides unique cloud computing solutions. A lot of huge companies run their cloud based solutions on servers with WMWare applications and WMWare virtualization.

WMWare uses an approach similar to Rackspace when it comes to customers or potential customers. They say that there is no need to have one preset system, one cloud infrastructure that would be good for everyone because it’s better to adjust the offer and functionality to the client.

This is the list of the best cloud computing companies in 2013. If anything will change during the year, we’ll update the post with fresh info.

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