Top 3 cloud computing services

In this article we intend to present an overview and comparison of the top 3 cloud computing services. We’ve come to these conclusions based on extensive research and testing.


What makes iCloud so special is the unique professional synchronization it provides. To compare it to other cloud services we can proudly say it has one of the best synchronizing systems. Thanks to the above mentioned, you will also have access to your data if not connected to the internet.

As a negative aspect we must mention documents and other file types, general file types. This is because natively iCloud comes without any support to these. However by purchasing the iWork, you can have documents and basically any files. It’s also not that professional for sharing your data with others you work with.

When it comes to mobile support, even if you thought it would only work on Apple devices you were wrong. You can even use Windows to gain access to your iCloud! However mobile access from other mobile devices (popular or not popular) which weren’t made by Apple is impossible.

If we’d start measuring how comfortable it is to use the iCloud, how you can count on their support and what are the supported features, applications, extras we can say it’s the best option to work with iCloud. Even if it’s focused on media files and non-sharing with friends it is the best cloud computing service in 2012!

Egnyte HybridCloud

Cloud services like Egnyte HybridCloud are very rare. This cloud service provider allows us to upload files with an unlimited size. Taking into consideration that it is a cloud provider and the uploading takes place through a browser it’s hard to believe that there is actually no such limitation!

Contrary to iCloud, this service allows professional sharing and you even get to have full control on account privileges for the people you share your files with. It’s like being a system administrator at a local company: you get to control everyone’s rights and access to different areas in the system.

Logging into your Egnyte HybridCloud account from your mobile device is also very easy: all you need is a mobile web browser. It’s amazing how it would allow you to change file contents from your mobile device, simple as that! Understanding the user interface – we have found – should be basic to any user, no matter what backgrounds (technical) the user has.

The speed of Egnyte left us speechless. Uploading any number of files seemed to happen very quickly in all cases.


Google will always be a special and original player, trying to get between the top listed providers in any are. Not only they have their great search engine but their cloud computing services are also outstanding!

Google Apps, Gmail, Google Drive and others come into our picture here. With Google Apps anyone can easily manage, create and share documents and presentations which are stored online and can also be edited online.

Let’s not forget about the Google Drive as one of the best cloud storage options nowadays, for free. They offer 5 GB for free until now. Support, usability and user-friendliness are all great with Google.

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