Dropbox – the best free cloud storage provider

Although the prices for cloud storage services aren’t very high, still, a lot of people is looking for free cloud storage providers and that’s why in this article I’ll present you one of the best storage providers available on the market, Dropbox. Dropbox – Your files, anywhere For those of you who don’t know what is Dropbox and how it works, here’s the short intro: you create an account on the Dropbox site, then you download the client application and install it on your PC and it will create a folder where you can store the files. All the files Read More

Cloud storage models

In this article we’re continue the introduction into the cloud storage world and we’ll discuss about the 3 types of cloud storage. Public cloud As it’s name says, the public cloud allows access to files to any user and it is based on the standard cloud computing model, where a cloud storage provider makes the resources available to the general public. This type of cloud storage can be free or pay-per-usage. There are a couple of advantages of using public cloud, and these are the most important ones: First, it’s cost-effective because you only pay for what you use. And Read More

What is cloud storage?

If you’re new to the cloud world, the first thing you probably want to know (and of course, the first thing you want to understand) is what exactly cloud storage means. Of course, you’re also probably asking yourself what is cloud storage, how does it works, what are the benefits of using it for managing our files and so on. There is a lot to say about cloud storage, but we won’t overwhelm you with all these details from the beginning. In this first post we will focus more on explaining what is it, how does it work and what Read More

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