Network Virtualization – Everything you need to know about this technology

We live in an era of digital revolution where data is the most important commodity. As our data generation increases, the demand for elements like data security, storage, processing power and energy also increases. In order to cater all these demands virtualization is employed. Virtualization is a technology that is being adopted by many companies due to its efficient, secure, flexible and cost-efficient nature. What is Virtualization? Virtualization is the innovative technology through which virtual resources of physical assets are created. These assets can range from servers and operating systems to desktops and networks. Reasons for adopting virtualization vary across Read More

Top cloud computing companies 2012

Which are the top cloud computing companies of the year? This is something we’re all interested in since we know there is a great fight going on between these giants. Whether we’re in need of the cloud as individuals or companies, we need to know about the latest news! I’m now going to present the top 5 cloud computing companies of the year 2013, listed in alphabetical order. Amazon Web Services with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud called Amazon EC2 The Amazon-provided cloud computing system is full of benefits and great functionality. They offer a unique scalability which you can Read More

Top 3 cloud computing services

In this article we intend to present an overview and comparison of the top 3 cloud computing services. We’ve come to these conclusions based on extensive research and testing. iCloud What makes iCloud so special is the unique professional synchronization it provides. To compare it to other cloud services we can proudly say it has one of the best synchronizing systems. Thanks to the above mentioned, you will also have access to your data if not connected to the internet. As a negative aspect we must mention documents and other file types, general file types. This is because natively iCloud Read More

Cheapest cloud storage providers

When it comes to the best cloud storage providers, we don’t only look after reliability but after prices. Reliability is not that huge problem nowadays since all of the top companies are reliable enough to trust them with the storage space they offer and the safety of your files if you upload them. What do we need cloud storage for if we could alternatively buy external hard drives, flash drives, DVDs, BluRay and others? Of course it’s great to have your external storage hidden in a safe place where you live but what happens if any of those are damaged Read More

Benefits and advantages of cloud computing

Cloud services have brought us a lot of advantages lately. Our modern needs often encounter the potential need of the cloud and as companies are developing their visions and services in the cloud we can benefit more and more as time goes. There is a constantly increasing demand on this field and you need to be informed on the benefits and advantages of cloud computing. Would you actually need to use any cloud computing services? How would it help average people in their lives? What if you own a business – how does that change your needs? Advantages of cloud Read More

Top 3 free cloud storage providers

We are all so enthusiastic around cloud computing companies, watching all of their steps and moves so that we can instantly benefit their newest offers! Given the current situation, this is the smartest thing to do. Why? People from modern society realized that there is no longer a stable group of people who are willing to put their money on consistent system upgrades or buying the newest laptops (for people who travel a lot). This was formerly a solution to all of us but we’ve thankfully realized that we should go with the herd instead of fighting alone. Cloud storage Read More

Dropbox – the best free cloud storage provider

Although the prices for cloud storage services aren’t very high, still, a lot of people is looking for free cloud storage providers and that’s why in this article I’ll present you one of the best storage providers available on the market, Dropbox. Dropbox – Your files, anywhere For those of you who don’t know what is Dropbox and how it works, here’s the short intro: you create an account on the Dropbox site, then you download the client application and install it on your PC and it will create a folder where you can store the files. All the files Read More

Cloud storage models

In this article we’re continue the introduction into the cloud storage world and we’ll discuss about the 3 types of cloud storage. Public cloud As it’s name says, the public cloud allows access to files to any user and it is based on the standard cloud computing model, where a cloud storage provider makes the resources available to the general public. This type of cloud storage can be free or pay-per-usage. There are a couple of advantages of using public cloud, and these are the most important ones: First, it’s cost-effective because you only pay for what you use. And Read More

What is cloud storage?

If you’re new to the cloud world, the first thing you probably want to know (and of course, the first thing you want to understand) is what exactly cloud storage means. Of course, you’re also probably asking yourself what is cloud storage, how does it works, what are the benefits of using it for managing our files and so on. There is a lot to say about cloud storage, but we won’t overwhelm you with all these details from the beginning. In this first post we will focus more on explaining what is it, how does it work and what Read More

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