Cloud storage models

In this article we’re continue the introduction into the cloud storage world and we’ll discuss about the 3 types of cloud storage.

Public cloud

As it’s name says, the public cloud allows access to files to any user and it is based on the standard cloud computing model, where a cloud storage provider makes the resources available to the general public. This type of cloud storage can be free or pay-per-usage.

There are a couple of advantages of using public cloud, and these are the most important ones:

  1. First, it’s cost-effective because you only pay for what you use. And this helps you optimize your business expenses.
  2. Second, it’s easy to setup and start to use such a service, because you don’t have to worry about the hardware and other activities related to data storage, because these are covered by the provider. This is great because you can focus your attention and spend money on the core of the business.
  3. Third, it is very scalable and can meet everyone’s needs.

Here are a couple of public cloud providers: Windows Azure Services Platform, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) from Amazon, Blue Cloud offered by IBM, Sun Cloud and Google AppEngine.

Private cloud

The private cloud storage model (also known as internal cloud or corporate cloud) offers a dedicated environment protected by a firewall. These types of clouds are recommended for users to need some more customization and need more control over their data.

Hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud storage model is a combination of at least a public and a private cloud. This is a cloud computing environment that suits best the needs for an organization that can store unstructured data on public cloud storage, like Simple Storage Service (S3) from Amazon, and also needs to store other important data in-house.

Each of these 3 models has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and in order to determine the perfect model for your business, you have to decide exactly what you need to do with your data and based on these needs, you will chose the right cloud storage provider for you.

If you are looking for a free cloud storage provider, read our next article where you’ll find out all the nice features that make Dropbox one of the best free online storage solutions available today.

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