Top 3 free cloud storage providers

We are all so enthusiastic around cloud computing companies, watching all of their steps and moves so that we can instantly benefit their newest offers! Given the current situation, this is the smartest thing to do. Why? People from modern society realized that there is no longer a stable group of people who are willing to put their money on consistent system upgrades or buying the newest laptops (for people who travel a lot). This was formerly a solution to all of us but we’ve thankfully realized that we should go with the herd instead of fighting alone. Cloud storage providers do that for us: all of the storage space is managed by them, kept in their buildings and running on their own servers or 3rd party servers.

Free cloud storage providers

Speaking of servers, you need to know one thing. Cloud storage is something delicate, since all of your most important, most secret and most pleasant memories and files are now kept in the cloud. You need to speak to the manager of the cloud storage provider to fully understand what the risks are. What risks we’re talking about here? The data is kept on some server or servers with backup copies. You need to make sure there is a guarantee that no 3rd party person, state or institution will ever have access to your files. As long as there is no such guarantee you should avoid putting important files on their servers. So be really careful!

What most of us are looking for are free cloud storage providers because most of us are not willing to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, no matter how low that fee is. In this article I will present the top 3 free cloud storage providers available on the market!


Dropbox has become very popular because of its simplicity. How does it work? You can (on your own choice) install a desktop application which can automatically synchronize the files from your computer with the online versions or simply limit yourself to using the online version.

Dropbox provides a starting amount of 2 GB per person, which can be extended to 8 GB for free by referring others who eventually register through your invitation. Getting to 8 GB of free storage is great because it’s free and it’s reliable! If you are willing to have more storage, you can pay a fee to get more space.


Microsoft couldn’t afford losing such an opportunity. We should be happy since from the top free cloud storage providers SkyDrive is one of the best options. It works through a simple browser-based platform, where you can store 25-50 GB of data for free. I say this with an approximation because they tend to change the amount at times, so you need to look at their website to find out how much they are giving out for free!

Google Drive

Never forget Google when it comes to cloud storage and cloud services! We all know how amazing their applications and cloud solutions are. So yeah, Google Drive is another top-choice with 5 GB of free storage. It does worth a try!

Speaking of the quality of Google services there is nothing to add. Only their name: Google.

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